Our Policies

Evergreen Advisors as founded upon and operates under the core values of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND TRANSPARENCY. With that in mind, we do not believe any potential investor should hand over their money directly to any person or company based on promises. In fact, Evergreen Advisors company policy specifically states that we are not to take money directly from any investor.  To protect our mutual interests, we use a neutral third-party escrow company or attorney to handle of all the paperwork. The escrow company also holds all funds in a secured trust account and they will instruct all parties involved in the deal on the necessary steps to complete the transaction. The escrow company will ensure everything is done properly and keep everything simple and straight-forward. Escrow helps make the entire process so much easier, while also ensuring there are no misunderstandings between parties.

  Our experienced team will help guide you through the very simple process of Note Investing. Evergreen Success Group strives to make investing a very simple process. Investing in notes from Evergreen Advisors is no more complex than filling out a few forms and sending a check or wiring money to the escrow company – it really is that SIMPLE!