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Evergreen Note provides a much needed service for individuals exploring the possibility of selling their contract or note. We also offer consultation services to help you choose the right note at the right rate.

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Evergreen Note  offers consultation services and opportunities to invest in cashflow.  We consult with home owners, as well as builders, developers, and other real estate professionals, to help them create seller finance notes that have the highest value.  Sure, your real estate attorney can draft a note and deed of trust, but do they know how to structure the deal to not only protect your interests, but allow you to sell your note for the highest possible value, should you decide to do that at some point in the future?   As a Texas banker once said, The time to worry about a note is BEFORE you make it!  (please see ALL ABOUT NOTES) 

We also invest in cashflow, in the form of notes secured by real estate.  We buy performing notes, and non performing notes.  In other words, we don’t just rehab homes – we rehab borrowers!  Through buying and selling mortgage notes, and working out reasonable payment plans with distressed homeowners, we offer financial solutions for real estate and cashflow problems.

In addition, we offer consultation and investment opportunities in mortgage notes.  If you have thought about buying a note or a stream of income, please contact us.  And take a look at our informational video. 

At Evergreen Note, our guiding principles are service, integrity, and resourcefulness.  From capital investment and wealth building, to creative solutions for buying or selling a home or a notethe Evergreen Note Team is your Cash Flow Problem Solver. 

Private Mortgage Notes, or as they are sometimes known, Owner Carry-Back Mortgages, or Seller Financed Notes are promissory notes secured by real property that are created when of a seller of a property provides some degree of financing to the new buyer at the time of closing.

If you have sold a property and taken back a mortgage or trust deed, we can buy the note from you.  As the owner of a private mortgage note you may be able to…

  • receive a lump sum of cash for a sale of your note
  • sell a portion of your monthly payment
  • sell a specified number of monthly payments
  • sell all or part of your balloon payment (if applicable)
  • do any combination of the above

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