“The time to worry about a loan is before you make it!”

Underwriting is another key element of a properly structured note. Underwriting is defined as the analysis of risk involved in making a mortgage loan to determine whether the risk is acceptable to the lender. Underwriting is based on several factors, such as the buyer’s financial history and present financial state.

Our seller finance professionals will recommend strategies that maintain the value of the note and satisfy the client’s needs.  Unlike a bank that has a standardized checklist of minimum requirements for a real estate loan, Evergreen Note has the experience and flexibility to obtain proper underwriting based on the borrower’s individual circumstance. Because of that personalized service in underwriting, we can help you, the seller, make an informed decision with respect to your potential buyer. As such, more home buyers can qualify than a conventional financial lending institution.

The goal of our note structuring service is to maximize the value of your seller-financed notes. When you contact us prior to signing a contract to accept an offer on your property, our team of note experts facilitates in the following ways:

  • Verify borrower information
  • Calculate borrower’s repayment capability
  • Evaluate borrower’s credit report and credit score
  • Recommend the optimal note terms (down payment, interest rate, balloon, etc.)
  • Recommend the optimal loan-to-value based on the credit score and property type
  • Structure the sale and note to comply with the various state and federal laws in regards to lending disclosures (TILA, RESPA, etc.)
  • Recommend a note servicing company that will service the loan after closing the sale

Our commonsense underwriting methods include full verifications, disclosures, and documentation that look just like an institutional loan as part of our service. We assist in manufacturing notes to provide the highest resale value in today’s market.  Let us help you create a note that has value on the secondary market.