Seller Financing

The time to worry about a Note is BEFORE you make it! 

Anyone who provides seller financing would be well served to commit that quote to memory.  Take a moment to consider the meaning of this phrase.  The homework must always be done on the front end!  

Many times we have talked with a note seller and have had to give them the bad news that their note simply isn’t worth anything close to what they hoped it would be.  Why?  Because the loan made hastily, with little to no forethought regarding the structure of the note, investigation of the borrowers, or planning for the possible future sale of a note.  Once the deal is done, it is what it is, and there is only so much we can do about that.  We want to be able to pay you top dollar for your notes!   

That is why Evergreen Note now offers Seller Financing Consultation. 

We will consult with you and/or show you how to:  

  • Evaluate your potential borrowers and obtain as much information as possible to ascertain their ability to make payments and honor the loan commitments 
  • Structure the sale and resulting note and security documents in a way that is legal, while providing the most protection, flexibility, and marketability to facilitate an exit strategy for the seller in the event they encounter a change in circumstances and wish to sell the note 
  • Develop a system to provide proper organization, along with detailed and accurate records pertaining to the loan and borrower 
  • Ensure understanding and compliance of all legal obligations of seller/lender under the note and security instrument, as well as applicable State and Federal statutes.  
  • Prevent default after the sale (and/or mitigate potential loss should you be faced with a delinquent owner financed note